SimplyMui Photography | Retouching Services

Believably Real


Mui is a detail-oriented digital artist with deep roots in fine arts. She possesses artistic talent coupled with technical proficiency. This ability, honed over decades of experience, results in someone you can trust to delight and surprise you.


All prints and photo products ordered from SimplyMui include world-class retouching by Mui. Retouching is at her discretion and may include blemish removal, softening under the eyes, shine reduction, teeth whitening, shadow brightening, wardrobe fixes, removal of background distractions or other corrections deemed needed. Advanced retouching services can be provided as requested, including body contouring, hair adjustments, face swapping, dental work, and more. Please contact Mui if you need retouching on images created by other photographers.


Our goal is to create beautiful images that look natural and un-retouched. If you desire a softer "glamour" look or an exaggerated "movie poster" look, then this can be created for you.